Why Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -196°C and will freeze everything it touches. It will freeze all the ingredients we use in less than 60 seconds, resulting in delicious ice cream every time. This process is also widely known as flash freezing. It is the same method used in the food industry for items such as fruits and vegetables.

Is it Safe?

The air we breathe consists of 78% nitrogen and 21% of oxygen. Nitrogen is all around us. Even though liquid nitrogen is a non-toxic substance, you will not actually have any liquid nitrogen in your ice cream. It will completely vapourize before your spoon even touches your mouth.

Why we are Awesome

The Secret Behind

Because liquid nitrogen is so cold, it freezes everything instantly upon contact. The process is so fast it doesn't allow for ice crystals to form in the mixture. The result? The smoothest and creamiest ice cream you have ever tasted. It is truly unlike any other ice cream that you can find in stores.

When you come to Ice Volcano, not only do you get delicious gourmet ice cream, you also get to experience the thrill of watching it being made right in front of your eyes. You will feel the extreme coldness of the liquid nitrogen and see your customized ice cream appear in a matter of seconds. The simple combination of milk, cream and sugar is quickly turned into ice cream in under 60 seconds.  There is no doubt it will be the smoothest and tastiest ice cream you have ever tried. Guaranteed!


Just try pronouncing the ingredients off the label of a commercially produced ice cream. I bet you don't even know what most of those ingredients are! Given the fact that dairy prices are always on the rise, manufacturers have been substituting dairy products with hydrogenated vegetable oils and shortening. The percentage of real dairy products is significantly decreased and substituted with modified milk ingredients. The substitutions have gone so far that the government ruled that such an item can no longer be considered as ice cream, but rather as frozen dessert.  In contrast, Ice Volcano Ice Cream only contains the following ingredients:  milk, cream, sugar  and your choice of flavouring. Nothing else. What you get is 100% natural real dairy ice cream and no fancy chemical names.

Top Flavours


Made with freshly chopped strawberries


The irresistible fruit from the tropical, an all time summer favourite


A chocolate and malt flavour ice cream topped with extra sprinkle of Milo powder


Cookies and cream, can't ask for more!

Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint flavour with dark chocolate chips, always refreshing

Matcha - Green Tea

The famous Japanese green tea ice cream


Made with freshly brewed Arabic coffee

Black Sesame
Roasted black sesame and then finely grinded
Dark Chocolate Pretzels
Premium dark chocolate coated pretzels with a tint of salt
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Crispy chunks of chocolate chip cookies in fresh vanilla ice cream
100% pure Canadian honey
Summer Berries
The best of the summer! Fresh strawberries and blueberries
A popular Asian cuisine ingredients with a rich flavour
Nutella Lover
Rich hazelnut chocolate spread indulged in rich chocolate ice cream base
Earl Grey
An English classic with Twinings tea.  Flavourful and rich
Malted Milk (Cereal milk)
Malt milk flavour with salted corn flakes.  A must try!
*NEW* Tiramisu Ice Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, Coffee Crisp, Double Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Salted Caramel, Apple Pie